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Manhattan KS Carpet Cleaning

LACC Carpet Cleaning photoHaving your carpets professionally cleaned is a regular home maintenance practice that complements vacuuming and shampooing.

It is important to stay ahead of the game by cleaning your carpets before they start to show signs of dirt or wear. 

Many contaminates found in your carpet can not be completely removed with household remedies such as a vacuum or shampooer which leads to a build up over time. 

As a result, dirt and other particles settle into the carpet material and cause abrasions or staining with everyday use. 

Think of this buildup like a piece of sand paper.  Left untreated the dirt and particles damage the carpet material through regular foot traffic which grind these particles into the carpet fibers over time.  


Step by Step Carpet Cleaning Process

  • Walk Thru - The carpet area is measured and any specific concerns are pointed out and discussed with the customer
  • Preparation - Obstacles such as furniture, blinds, bed skirts, and other items are moved and tucked away
  • Pre-Vacuum - Dry soil is removed from the carpet to maximize the effectiveness of the cleaning
  • Spot Treatment - Soil specific and industry leading spotters are applied to tough spots to break them up 
  • Pre-Conditioner - A high quality pre-conditioner is applied and agitated as needed to further loosen soil trapped within the carpet fibers
  • Soil Extraction - Professional truck-mounted hot water extraction (HWE) and very low moisture (VLM) carpet cleaning techniques are performed as appropriate to remove the loosened soil 
  • Carpet Rinse - The carpet is rinsed, leaving it pH neutral, to prevent residue from building up more quickly in the carpet over time
  • Post Spot Treatment - In the case a spot did not come up entirely during the initial cleaning, the spot treatment and extraction steps are repeated
  • Final Inspection - Our work is approved by the customer
  • Education & Tips - Cleaning observations and helpful tips are shared with the customer to help them keep there carpet as clean as possible until next time


Additional Cleaning Options:

  • Fast Drying - Fans are placed on the carpet after they have been cleaned to dry them as quickly as possible
  • Post Carpet Grooming - The carpet is groomed which removes cleaning lines and fluffs the carpet up allowing it to dry even faster (when deodorizers, bactericides, and carpet protectants are applied they are groomed into the carpet at no extra charge to ensure a smooth application of the product)
  • Urine Neutralizer & Removal - Urine absorbed into the underlying carpet pad is neutralized and removed using state of the art extraction methods 
  • Deep Scrub Cleaning - Spotters and pre-conditioner boosters are mechanically agitated into the carpet giving them even more potency for knocking out hard to remove spots and traffic areas
  • Hot Water Extraction (HWE) Only - For those who prefer HWE commonly known as Steam Cleaning, this option ensures that only HWE will be utilized during the cleaning process
  • Very Low Moisture (VLM) Only - For anyone who is particularly concerned with speedy dry times, the VLM cleaning process allows for the carpet to be almost completely dry by the time the cleaning is finished
  • Carpet Protectant - Application of a carpet protectant further ensures the longevity of your carpet by preventing chemical reactions from occurring by creating an invisible barrier between the spot and the carpet
  • Deodorizer - Formulated to eliminate odors rather than mask them, an application of a deodorizer to the carpet after cleaning will continue to destroy odors within the carpet for several days, leaving only a light fresh scent behind
  • Bactericide - The application of bactericide and mildewcide products are groomed into the carpet fiber further protecting against micro-organisms   
  • Water Extraction - Water extraction from the carpet area and the underlying carpet pad will significantly reduce dry times, helping to prevent mold and bacterial growth, even when dehumidifiers and fans are utilized
  • We use only the best cleaning products and industry practices
  • Our business is locally owned and operated!
  • We have flexible pricing options to fit your budget
  • Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification (IICRC) completed training

Carpet Cleaning Services

See Additional Cleaning Options for more details... 

  • Residential Hot Water Extraction (HWE)
  • Residential Steam Cleaning
  • Residential Very Low Moisture Cleaning (VLM)
  • Commercial Hot Water Extraction (HWE)
  • Commercial Steam Cleaning
  • Commercial Very Low Moisture Cleaning (VLM)


  • Rug Cleaning 
  • Fast Drying Options 
  • Post Clean Grooming
  • Spot Cleaning Services
  • Deep Scrub and Traffic Lane Agitation 
  • Deodorizer & Bactericide Application
  • Pet Spot Identification & Treatment
  • Urine Neutralizer & Removal Services
  • Carpet Protectant Application 
  • Water Extraction