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Manhattan KS Air Duct Cleaning

The National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA) lists indoor air quality and energy savings as benefits of a clean HVAC system.

Ideally this service is done in a home every 3-5 years depending on household conditions such as pets, smoking, recent renovations, and overall home cleanliness.

Local weather conditions which affect the amount of time people spend indoors is another strong influence.

As a result, an increase in air duct cleaning is often seen during the winter months as people are indoors the majority of their time.

You should also have your air ducts cleaned when there are signs of mold growth, infestations from rodents or insects, and when blockage from dust and debris can be seen being released in excessive amounts from the registers into the home.


Step by Step Air Duct  Cleaning Process

  • Walk Thru - An accurate count of all supply and return registers is made and any specific cleaning concerns are discussed with the customer
  • Preparation - Any furniture and obstacles are moved out of the way
  • Evaluate Access Ports - Central access points are inspected and opened as needed 
  • Remove & Clean Register Covers - Register covers are removed and then brushed and vacuumed off 
  • Pre-Vacuum Vents - Each supply and return vent is vacuumed to limit dust from being released into the indoor environment later during the cleaning process
  • Negative Air Hook Up - A negative air machine is fitted into position which creates negative pressure throughout the HVAC system
  • Seal Vents - Each vent is sealed to maximize air flow when cleaning the individual ducts
  • Rotary Brushing - Rotary brushes of different sizes are used to loosen soil 
  • Compressed Air - Compressed air is blasted through the ducts to push contaminants through the pressurized system which are collected into the negative air machine 
  • Replace Register Covers - Register covers are put back into position
  • Clean Up - A final clean up is done and all access points are sealed and replaced as needed
  • Review & Tips - Any observations during the cleaning process are shared with the customer and additional tips are made regarding maintaining a clean air duct system 


Additional Cleaning Options: 

  • Endoscope - Inspection of the air duct supply and return vents are completed using a endoscope connected to a display monitor 
  • Deodorizer - A deodorizer, formulated to eliminate odors, is misted into the vents while they are under negative pressure which allows the product to travel further within the HVAC system 
  • Sanitizer/Mildewcide - Applying a sanitizer/mildewcide while the system is under negative pressure ensures a more thorough application of the product within the ducts
  • Soot Setter - This product is applied to safeguard  harmful soot from being released into the indoor environment that could be hiding in the nooks and crannies of your duct work 
  • Degrease Register Covers - A solvent degreaser is used to thoroughly wash each register cover in the home effectively breaking up soil and grease built up over the years 

Manhattan KS Dryer Vent Cleaning

Be sure your dryer vent is clear especially in the winter when air is dryer causing increased static electricity which can ignite any debris found inside them.

The combination of static electricity, a highly flammable fuel source (lent), and chemical residue left by dryer sheets is potent for a potential fire hazard.

Check your dryer vent at least once a year and make sure that it is free from debris.  If your clothes are taking longer to dry than usual, you likely have a blockage.

The filter and dryer vent should be checked and cleaned as necessary.

Dryer Vent Cleaning Process

We use an inside out and outside in approach to dryer vent cleaning.  This means that we'll make sure your dryer vent has been completely brushed out and cleaned from the dryer vent hook up all the way to the exterior outlet cover and then back from the exterior outlet to the dryer hook up location.  Our job isn't complete until everything is reconnected and we've verified that your dryer vent has the excellent air flow it needs!  

  • We use only the best cleaning products and industry practices
  • Our business is locally owned and operated!
  • We have flexible pricing options to fit your budget
  • Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification (IICRC) completed training

Air Duct Cleaning Services

​See Additional Cleaning Options for more details... 

  • Endoscope                  (Free Estimates) 
  • Negative Air Pressurized Cleaning 
  • Rotary Brushing of Ducts
  • Forced Air Complete Clean
  • Deodorizer Services
  • Sanitizer/Mildewcide Application 
  • Soot Setter Application 
  • Degrease Register Covers